Credits & Resources

even though i "coded by hand", my site is full of recycling and referenced material that utilizes assets that I did not make and was built with a variety of online tools made from other creators/webmasters, so here's where credit is due! this site wouldn't be possible without these! and sharing is caring ^^ if theres any assest i miss to credit OR if you own an assest and want it removed, please send an email to and ill fix it!

i do not make any money off anything utilized. its all for fun!

good luck on your coding endevaors! take back the web!

General Tips

  • learn html and css basics. the the bare basics so you arent confused when using templates. the rest will come in time as you have no other choice than to learn how to customize to your liking xD
  • draw out what you want your page to look like before building it. it will make your life easier
  • always back up versions of your site incase something happens!
  • dont give up if you get stuck on something. research and step away before proceeding!
  • don't hotlink from other sites!! host images yourself and just give credit where its due

  • Actual Site Building Resources

    My site utilizes HTML, CSS and Bootstrap (via CDN link) across site! I trial and error with everything!
    My advice is when in doubt, google to see if it's been answered!

  • w3schools is my #1 go to resource for coding questions and material to reference. There's an entire how to page to reference code from. VERY accessible.
  • mdn is another site i visit ALL the time for coding resources in the same way as i visit w3schools.
  • guides for snippets and general info
  • for snippets & troubleshooting code that im sharing!
  • loremispum is good for placeholder text.
  • htmlcolorcodes is what i use generating color code values for onsite! good for notepad++ users.
  • for generating gradients to use across site!
  • for coding questions and troubleshooting
  • css-tricks flexbox guide is the holy guide to understanding flexbox which will make site making so much easier for you!
  • stackoverflow question fourm to troubleshoot specific issues that i end up having
  • for more consistent boostrap themeing!
  • cdnfonts for free to use web accessible fonts

  • File Hosting & Editing Resources

    sites used to help with the customization parts of site or file hosting!

  • filegarden for hosting files and graphics, very nice userface!
  • for hosting files too!
  • photomosh is something i use to edit assets or my art across site.

  • Graphics/Asset Credits (WIP)

    heres credits for graphics/assets that i could clearly find the source of that arent typical f2u graphics (ie. buttons, userboxes, stamps, memes)

    do NOT hotlink right click and copy image link from my site/pages these graphics. download and host on your own and credit the creators/hoster of them.
  • deviantart emoticon graphics
  • Kittyrocker on DeviantART
  • Gasara on DeviantART
  • Vypor on DeviantART Latias Yay plz icon
  • j-c on DeviantART Dragon plz icons
  • Lewtwo Pokemon Asset Archive for multiple Pokemon graphics across site
  • Pokemon Fit tiles for background images across site
  • Pokemon Fonts archived by Cat333Pok√©mon of Victory Road
  • Texture Town for an assortment of background textures
  • msikma on github for a bunch of pokemon sprite assets / homepage

  • Code Snippets, Fonts & More Credits

    codes and stuff ive used on my site and need to credit!

  • Simple HTML/CSS/Java Filter System by w3schools used all over site
  • Falling Snow Script by Sasa Skevin, featured on Sunflower Blog
  • Custom Scrollbar Maker by Stephen Paton, utilized across the site
  • Simple Flexbox Image Gallery (BOTH Aspect Ratios) by Sadness, featured across site
  • Easy Drag & Drop Demo by Sadness, utilized in parts of site
  • RV's free Javascript/DHTML effects for a variety of effects utilized across site

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