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heres all the series im working on/making! check out ratings and tags before heading to their sites ^^ thanks!

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Started April 5th, 2023
Last Update forever updating

furry original series multi media drama slice of life coming to age R / 18+ ⚰🕊

A furry universe crafted by the Sunflower System featuring their fursonas and OCs navigating the trials of adulthood and tramua.

It's really us reminsicing about childhood and trying to transverse adulthood together when dealing with how our pasts impact us. :D Mostly a comfort project than something with the intent to have proper publication.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Riches and Repentance

Started April 6, 2023
Last Update July 10, 2023

pokemon fanfiction multi-chapter drama adventure R / 18+ ⚰🕊

After finding himself in the care of young Twig and Ribbit, Lycidas, a neurotic Absol, attempts to navigate his new role as a caregiver, face his demons and make amends with those of his past.

A multi-chaptered fanfiction revolving around a neurotic Absol under the care of a young Buneary and Luxio. It's pretty dark, dealing with child abuse, a morally unhinged MC and detailed sex scenes. Ida is the one mostly writing it and it features the Sunflower System's Pokemon OCs.


Started January 22, 2016
Last Update its been a while

pokemon fanfiction multi media drama adventure slice of life mature

A world where being unapologetically human a crime.

Grimdark Pokemon self-insert AUs originally based on my first Pearl Nuzlocke. This is a Pokemon AU is based on John Locke’s Pokemon Nuzlocke Challenge with lore that I developed to make it edgier. This is one of my oldest series, and has two different versions in the making alongside it's previous versioned archived. You can see where the two stories split off from!


Started 2017
Last Update undergoing rewrite

pokemon fanfiction multi media drama adventure slice of life R / 18+ ⚰🕊

Ariana Berlitz fakes her death with the help of her adoptive brother and make for a new life.

A way darker and gross-er take on what Nuzlock'd was gonna be until God stopped me. This is the other side of the Pokemon AU based on John Locke’s Pokemon Nuzlocke Challenge with lore that I developed to make it edgier. Except this version has the crude uncomfortable themes and shitty characters. It's essentially one of the original versions just improved upon, lol. I only ressurected it because the angst is soooooo much I live for skin crawling angst.

Wings of Fire: Search of Amadeus

Last Update

wings of fire fanfiction multi-chapter adventure romance teen & up

Its been centuries since the founding of the Jade Mountain Academy. Intertribal peace in Pyrrhia has become a standard where dragons look back at their bloody and conflict rich past with confusion and grief. A young Skywing born with firescales, enamoured by the legends that roam the lands find himself in an expedition to seek out answers for his destiny: is he bound to become Prince of the Sky Kingdom and someday a King, or is there more to his curse than to be a weapon for the future?

A fanfiction based around the Wings of Fire world.