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welcome to helianthus fields!

you can call us twig, cheesecake, or dizzy! (22, it/she/he)
we're a collective that enjoys creating art exploring nostalgia and tramua. this site is best described as a web blog, archive and our home.

feel free to explore to your hearts contents! there's a lil bit of everything here! this is an everlasting work in progress.

refresh with Fn + F5 / clear your cache if things look wonky!

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Feburary 23rd, 2024 THE PLAYROOM IS NOW A THING!!! LOOK AT IT!!! LOOK AT IT I TRIED NEW STUFF OUT!! its still a work in progress (massive wip) but still loook. i coded it all today lol.
Feburary 19th, 2024 i made a new guestbook due to having issues with the original. so new fresh guestbook u can chuck messages in. its made with smartgb. i still have customize it but yeah it works for now. anyways im still doing stuff behind the scenes. ive been lazy and sick so yeah uknow how that not a huge update here. i gotta write up articles tbh
Feburary 14th, 2024 happy valentines day! i moved stuff around again...will work on oc repository possibly. dunno just expect more updates than this later lol
Feburary 11th, 2024 some new paint on the home page to accomadate team sunflower being our collective mascots! makes it easier since we are venturing to use gallery sites other than the main two and not be limited in terms of what we're encouraged to draw
Feburary 8th, 2024 added the selfship webring before it closes, gotta finish up some other stuff behind the scenes expect an update eventually
January 27th, 2024 did further updates to the headworlds/series hub!. most of them are being worked on, so please look out for when they actually have fun stuff to explore, lol. also hopefully its more clear whos got stuff to check out! completely forgot to mark it before...and the hub needs a CSS makeover so xDD please give me time to do that. i might rehaul it AGAIN.
January 21th, 2024 uploaded new gallery/archive page! please check it out! itll be updated regularly most likely. also updated my series directory to be headworlds. ill make more minor edits throughout the week but i need to rest due to hand cramp issues returning from hyperfocus.
January 11th, 2024 updated my blog and added one of the 3d models to front page as placeholder bc im proud of it ^^
Dec 31st, 2023 HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!! i uploaded the pokehub!!!!!! that was a monster to code, and getting a cold gave me time to finish it up. might write a blog entry tonight or tomorrow, and start to code my acnh shrine page since thats another huge interest of mine ^^
Dec 29th, 2023 did some fixing of the index and home page! the changes are pretty evident. im trying to make it look even more caring less now. but yeah. theres a "currently coding" section so u can anticipate the next hubs/pages to be uploaded. ill probably do more minor changes tonight but we'll see
Dec 21th, 2023 about webmaster page and system files have been fully updated! they were barebones at first but now we fleshed it out better and its more fun lol check em out and be sure to do a hard refresh so things update! ^^ im gonna build my agere hub now!
Dec 17th, 2023 my second site is now live! !! its more of a fun fansite while this is a fully personal site. ill move my general plush collection here while that site is concentrated on canon pokemon things!
Dec 16th, 2023 new journal posted to the blog! gonna also start setting up some of my second site (explained in part of the journal) and do a bit of maintainence around site if i see anything to be fixed ^^
Dec 9th, 2023 OKAYY! did some huge stuff. reorganized the home page! uploaded a new fresh updatable nav bar AAND did the character directory!! shit feels waaaay nice now :D and i added twig and pachi sprites to the front lol might replace em with real drawings at some point...ANYWHO YEEE! now i prepare to turn...22!
Dec 6th, 2023 added new buttons to front page! and editing a few things across site (need to universally update the nav bar....itll happen when bigger updates are there o3o i also need to put the change log into an iframe so i dont always have to update this page specifically!!! ALSO NEARLY BROKE THE FRONT PAGE LMFAO
Dec 3rd, 2023 Uploadin' the Blog hub! and made a credits page so i can properly link resources i use for proper credit & others can use em! gonna do a bit more cleaning up as i go...
Dec 1st, 2023 HAPPY DECEMBER!! uploaded the web library which consists of webcomics and fanfics im following! next plans to to make a little thing to show buttons of neo-neighbors on this home page and then code up my blog. but i need to maybe rest a bit xD
November 30, 2023 uploaded new Webmasters profile page! now its like a pokemon box and less excess info
November 25, 2023 uploaded: Archive and its pages! this shit took a bit BUT its pretty much done! ill refine stuff later ^^ check it out!
November 23, 2023 added: Zine page, new System Directory hub; gonna code archive and collection hubs next! and making more and more assets :DD taking advantage of my high while its here!
November 22, 2023 huge remodel!!! because I NEED A PEACE OF MIND! this is NOW THE NEW HOME!!! YAGHHH!!! FUCK IT!
July 22, 2023 added carrd link to front page
July 21, 2023 removed journal/blog
July 19, 2023 restored home page due to error



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